love this

Posted on February 14, 2011

i actually love this day.  valentines day.  some folks think its sappy and overly sweet.  a holiday for card companies and such.  i just like to think of it as a day of gratitude.  a day to remember the people and places we love.  i love that the weather is warmer today.  i love my family.  i love the fabulous friends i have from here on the blog, at church, and in every corner of my life.  i love my sweet clients who make my job a joy each and every day.  i love that we live in kansas.  i love that we live in a country that is free.  i love that Christ gives us his grace to get through each and every day.  i love my children.  my sweet sweet gifts.

what do you love?

see ya later winter…please!

Posted on February 10, 2011

i am ever so ready for this winter to be over.  i have done some fabulous sessions out in the snow.  drank plenty of hot chocolate.  had scads of time in my fuzzy socks.  cuddle time in front of the tv and fireplace.  hot soups and cinnamon rolls.  glistening snow on my porch.  snowmen and squeals of laughter and cute red noses.  but i am so ready for this winter to be over.  i have also had frozen fingers and toes.  too much snow to shovel.  cabin fever with the kiddos.  and did i mention that i do NOT like to be cold.  at all.

what i am ready for?  green grass between my toes.  the feel of the warm sun on my face.  cute spring and summer dresses.  opening the house up to smell the summer air.  and flowers…i cannot wait for flowers again.  so thank for a lovely winter with all of the fun that winter entails.  please send me summer now!

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